Your AdWords Account – How well is it working?

Posted by Aaron WeinerGoogle AdWords

Each month, your credit card is charged by Google for all the AdWords clicks you’ve received. Each month, you question yourself whether it’s worthwhile, yet there’s a good chance that you’re never able to come to a satisfying conclusion. Google provide some tools for measuring success, such as conversion tracking. But realistically you know that it’s little more than an … Read More

A usefully-sensible guide to mobile and SEO

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

Google have recently made mobile more important for SEO. Here’s what to do about it. Note: I’ve tried to keep this as brief as possible, but I recommend that you read the whole thing. Skimming may result in a less-than-optimal experience! STEP 1: Don’t panic. You may think that you have the only website that isn’t ready for mobile, but you’re wrong. More … Read More

You may not have to be that much better

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

Why do Google keep updating Analytics on an ongoing basis? It’s not just about keeping up with new technology, and it certainly goes a lot further than cosmetic changes. So why do they invest an immense number of developer hours into something that is not only free, but has almost no competition? It’s all about tiers. Every market has different levels … Read More

SEO in 2015 – why you need to care

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

If your business is healthy, you can always find plenty of reasons to leave SEO on your to-do-list for perpetuity. After all, SEO is technical, complicated, time-consuming and potentially dangerous. The SEO industry is full of self-proclaimed gurus whose lack of knowledge can be deadly. There’s the terrifying fact that even if you dabble in SEO in the most gentle … Read More

Google are going to kill conversion tracking – here’s why

Posted by Dave CollinsAnalytics, Google AdWords, Marketing

If you’re spending on AdWords (or other online ads) then you’re probably paying close attention to conversion rates. Doing so is understandable but flawed. And it may be hurting you and also Google. At risk of oversimplifying how conversion tracking works, a person clicks on your ad, a cookie is placed in their browser, and when they buy your product, this registers as a conversion. Voilà. … Read More

Be quiet and let your data talk

Posted by Dave CollinsAnalytics

Have you ever got carried away with a bad or impractical idea? In the cold light of day, vision and dreams are poor substitutes for facts. It can be painful. Many times this is down to the massive gap that lies between a dream and a plan. One simple and effective way to transform such ideas is to get rid of words and phrases like think, believe, … Read More

Content in context (all about that words, ’bout that words)

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

Most people have some expectations of what awaits them when they arrive on a website. On our own site, for example, we primarily provide services related to AdWords and SEO. When I look at the keywords that bring people to our content, there are of course some words and phrases that are less targeted than others, but the majority are relevant to what we … Read More

SEO Strategy for 2015 – don’t wait to be hit

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

Five years ago, the chance of getting hit by a real SEO penalty was incredibly small. There was a lot of talk and fear about being “banned by Google”, but in the majority of cases this was completely unfounded. And bear in mind that these were the days of black-hat SEO tactics being a lot more commonly used and accepted, as ultimately … Read More

Please help – final 5 second SEO experiment

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

I recently asked for your help with an experiment to test how HTTP Referrer Information may not be passed on through SSL servers. We’re almost there, but can I please ask for your help one last time? All you have to do is click on the link below, then click on the link that’s on that page. That’s it. Please … Read More

SEO procrastination may hurt like a kick in the rankings

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

Let me guess. You’ve been meaning to get round to SEO for __ months, but [fill in your excuse here]. A few years ago that was questionable; today it may be deadly. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why you need to make SEO more of a priority. Today’s technique may be tomorrow’s spam. The rate of change in Google’s … Read More