Taking a step back (WWBD)

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I recently stumbled across a great source of practical, qualified and tailored advice for our company. He knows our business like no-one else, is an expert in his field, always has time for us, and is completely free. (Despite the publishing date of this post, this is not an April Fool’s Joke.) Aaron and I recently had our annual get-together, … Read More

Processes that should never exist

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As a UK business you have to register for VAT (value added tax).  Stick with me on this.  You have to register “if your turnover of VAT taxable goods and services supplied within the UK for the previous 12 months is more than the current registration threshold of £79,000, or you expect it to go over that figure in the … Read More

Google’s Privacy Policy – did anyone actually care?

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Google made some pretty dramatic changes to their privacy policies. When they announced them, the tech world was in uproar. The changes have now been in place for twelve days. Did the average user care? Did you, your parents or friends close their accounts? Did you contact your MP or congressman? We (you and I) perceive the web quite differently … Read More

2012 will be the year of Google+

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When a competing product offers similar benefits, a little dissatisfaction may be all that’s needed to make the leap. If Facebook do nothing by the way of change or burn a few more privacy/usability bridges, Google+ will undoubtedly prosper. Probably…

Bad service is your opportunity

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A few weeks ago I had the dubious pleasure of staying in one of the worst hotels I have ever set foot in. How does this relate to your business?

Have Spotify lost their marbles?

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Despite reporting over 800 million active users, Facebook appear to be the current hate-figure of the month. Crimes include interface changes and privacy terms – shocking stuff. All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again. But for now, it’s cool to hate Facebook. Which is why Spotify’s decision to force new users to log into their service using a Facebook account is baffling.

Exploit AdWords to the full

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I’m running an Action Class for AppSumo today: Let Dave show you how to get the most value out of Google AdWords! Google Adwords is a great tool for reaching the world with your product or service. Yet unlike most power tools, it comes with no safety instructions, which can cause you to waste a sizeable portion of your budget … Read More

We guarantee your SEO results!

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About once a week I’m asked what guarantees we offer for our services. Sadly, in life and marketing there are no guarantees. Yet of all our marketing services, it’s SEO that produces the most requests for a guarantee. I could guarantee that you’ll be in the top-five listings for some of the keywords that we’ll optimise your website for. So … Read More

Who cares about your customers?

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It often appears that when companies grow beyond a certain size, no-one is responsible for actually caring about their customers. There are people who care if unhappy customers mean a drop in revenue, but no-one who really loses sleep if a customer is getting a bad deal. Software companies generally fall into one of two extremes. Their support is either … Read More

The danger of knowing it all

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Scene 1 – “been there, done that”: CEO: So what can you do for us? Me: I’ll keep it brief. We bring targeted traffic to your website. Then we make sure that more of your visitors convert. CEO: Hmmm. How do you do bring more traffic? Me: We start with Google. We make sure that your website is optimised both … Read More