2012 will be the year of Google+

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral

Google are reporting more than 62 million Google+ users. Impressive, especially when compared to the 10 million users reported in July.

While not even close to the 800 million Facebook users, I suspect we’ll see serious growth and a closing of the gap over the next year.

Paul Allen thinks there may be 400 million Google+ users by the end of 2012, but a lot can happen in twelve months.

I believe that the growth of Google+ will be largely determined by the actions of Facebook.

If Facebook do nothing by the way of change or burn a few more privacy/usability bridges, Google+ will prosper.

When a competing product offers similar benefits, a little dissatisfaction may be all that’s needed to make the leap.

It’s a precarious position for Facebook, and a volatile one for Google.

Roll on 2012.

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