Finally some good news on the economy

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The State of SMB IT Survey September 2010 is now available for download, and it has some cautious but good news: “After weathering the economic storm of 2009 then treading cautiously in the first half of 2010, small and medium business IT professionals are slowly but surely navigating the course back to “business as usual.” While the global economic outlook … Read More

Roller coasters on thin ice – the need for marketing

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The recession is over (for now), but for many businesses, the after-effects are proving to be more painful than the event itself. There’s never been a more important time for your business to be actively engaged in effective online marketing. Some companies are realising they survived the recession, breathing a sigh of relief, and sitting back comfortably. This is a … Read More

Recession may be the catalyst for a new era in business

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The Confederation of British Industry have released a fascinating news release, speculating that the recession may be the catalyst for a new era in business. “The business environment of the next decade will be significantly different to what might have been expected just two years ago. The financial crisis and the recession that has followed have altered operating conditions by … Read More

Miss the boat? Is the recession already over?

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It depends who you ask, what you read and where you look. It does appear that we’re past the worst of it, but it will be a long time before the recession is well and truly behind us. Everything has changed. Even if most people don’t yet realise it. And guess what? More change lies ahead. In the same way … Read More

Recession: The beginning of the end or the eye of the storm?

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At this year’s Software Industry Conference, myself and Sharon Housley (NotePage, Inc.) co-presented a session on Marketing in a Recession. The session went well, yet the feedback we received was fascinating. It turned out that most of the people who attended the talk believed that the worst of the recession was now behind us, and that we had taken our … Read More

Google – one step backwards, three steps forward

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Google Labs have launched two new experimental products that actually have the potential to change the way we search for news and pictures. Google News Timeline “allows users to view news, scanned newspapers and magazines, blog posts, sports scores, and more on a zoomable, graphical timeline”, while Similar Images “helps you narrow your search by finding images that are visually … Read More

Proof: 50% of successful companies work with SoftwarePromotions!

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On Wednesday I wrote a post entitled Doom and gloom? Share your views! I was pleased to get an interesting mix of comments, and a few people emailed me as they wished to remain anonymous. The results weren’t quite what I expected, and I’ve tried to roughly group them into categories. 45% of you felt positive about what’s happening. 25% … Read More

Palamida Names Top 25 Open Source Projects

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Like many professionals during these difficult economic times, software developers are being asked to continue producing the same quality end product but with significantly reduced budgets. What is a software developer to do? One of the best ways for struggling developers to get more out of their diminished funds is to take full advantage of all the open source software … Read More