Palamida Names Top 25 Open Source Projects

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing, Economy

Like many professionals during these difficult economic times, software developers are being asked to continue producing the same quality end product but with significantly reduced budgets.

What is a software developer to do?

One of the best ways for struggling developers to get more out of their diminished funds is to take full advantage of all the open source software resources available.

Luckily, Palamida, a leading provider of security for open source applications, has just announced their top 25 open source projects, all of which will help developers do more with less.

The projects are divided into five different categories-

  1. Development Tools
  2. Database & Mapping Tools
  3. Core Utility Classes
  4. Reporting & Charts
  5. Web 2.0

By utilizing these open source projects and others like them, software developers will help themselves weather these challenging economic conditions.

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