How to create good content ideas

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Creating good content is like having a shooting star in a sky full of twinkling lights. It’s what sets you apart, draws people in, and keeps them coming back for more. It’s good for your website visitors, good for Google’s spiders, and basically just good for business. You already know this, but for many people, the hardest part in the … Read More

ChatGPT and SEO

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What is ChatGPT? If you believe the hype, excitement and fear that’s out there, ChatGPT is somewhere between the dawn of a new era and the end of the world. Essentially though, ChatGPT is just a chatbot. But unlike the chatbot of yesteryear, it can actually hold a reasonable conversation, and even give answers to questions in a human/ish manner. … Read More

What makes good content?

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You’ve probably heard the “Content is King” idea. This has been a marketing and SEO mantra since the beginning of time. And it’s no great revelation that quality is more important than quantity. A single well-written blog post every couple of months is inevitably worth more than a weekly rubbish offering. But before you click away from this post, don’t … Read More

Interview with the copyhacker

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I first met Joanna Wiebe from Copy Hackers in 2013. She gave an incredible presentation on “Copywriting that Converts: How to sell without selling your soul“, but the main lesson that I learnt was the difference between people who can write and real copywriters. I’m lucky enough to consider Joanna a friend – hopefully she won’t be too disturbed by that. I’m also a great fan of … Read More