We have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of companies from all over the world. We believe that their words speak far louder than any of our own.

Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsHarry von Borstel, HvB Computer Engineering
"Working together with SoftwarePromotions we quadrupled our website traffic within 6 months. It’s a great pleasure to work with these friendly and highly competent people."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsLuc Marin, DxO Labs
"Finding SoftwarePromotions was a godsend for DxO Labs. We were struggling to find the best way to set up an efficient Adwords Strategy, then along came David, Aaron and the team. Their understanding of the software business as well as their deep Adwords expertise led to results way beyond anything we had experienced before. We found David and Aaron to be extremely responsive to our many queries, questions and requests for clarification. I would recommend SoftwarePromotions without any hesitation to any software developer or publisher who is serious about Adwords Marketing."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsAlwin Hoogerdijk, Collectorz.com
"I was wondering if a real Adwords professional would be able to squeeze more out of it. So we hired SoftwarePromotions. And these guys really know their stuff. I am especially impressed with their structured and analytic approach to Adwords, meticulously logging their actions, tracking results, analyzing our website log files, etc…In the six months that they have been working on the account, they were able to take it to the next level. We now have great new ad copy and our keyword listed have been tuned to perfection, saving us money *and* bringing in more sales."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsRob Martin, Infacta
"We’re delighted with the progress we’ve been making thanks to the SoftwarePromotions team, who have been involved with us as a real partner. The knowledge and technical expertise that David and his team have brought to our company has been invaluable."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsDave Williamson, Ecommerce Manager at Watch Buyers
"Dave gave us a great insight as to how to make your website better for Google. There are so many factors that you just don't realise you can control! Dave was great, and always more than happy to answer our questions."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsAdam Easton, Sales & Valuation Manager at Watch Buyers
"The training was easy to understand, clear and to the point. Any questions and concerns I had were answered. And the personalised site audit brought the training together in a way that mattered to us. We could start using what we learnt immediately. Thanks Dave!"
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsAlex Yumashev, founder and CEO Jitbit
"If you ever need help with AdWords, I *highly* recommend Aaron Weiner he's a genius (and a highly professional consultant btw, made me feel like I'm his only client, which is obviously not true)"
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsJohn Arko, FinderMonkey
"The training was superb.  It was well paced, very informative and I loved the fact that you'd spent the time and researched our website so that we had specific tailored improvements which we can implement immediately.  Dave's expert knowledge and experience was blatantly clear. He is an SEO master and has the proof to back it up."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsTony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd
"Our website looked good when last redesigned in 2000 but was beginning to show its age. SoftwarePromotions' detailed analysis of its strengths and weaknesses showed us exactly where changes were needed whilst ensuring that we did not make changes for the sake of change and was well worth the cost."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsJoel B Winograd, President Jela Company, Inc.
"We used SoftwarePromotions as a key advisor in getting the word out. They assisted us in many ways including: improving our web site for visibility to search engines, search engine submission, submission to download sites, and newsgroup announcements. Their service was prompt, courteous and professional. They worked with us as a partner, not simply a vendor. They have made a major contribution to our product launch."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsMarcus Tettmar, MJT Net Ltd
"Since commissioning SoftwarePromotions we have seen a steady increase in sales, our business has grown year on year, and we are able to use our own time and resources more efficiently. Having worked with us for so long I now consider SoftwarePromotions our very own outsourced marketing department. Cost-wise they present a no-brainer – I couldn’t employ a receptionist for what we pay SoftwarePromotions, let alone one marketing expert with the combined knowledge, skills and industry experience of the whole SoftwarePromotions team. Our relationship with SoftwarePromotions is a fruitful one and long may it continue."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsThomas Mokwa, ProFile Developers
"Thank you, SoftwarePromotions, for the excellent service. I have been watching my downloads and registrations increase since I’ve used your services. This is the best marketing money I have spent."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsMike de Sousa, 2brightsparks.com
"I have worked with Dave and Aaron for five years, and in all that time Software Promotions have made an invaluable impact on our company's success. Apart from their outstanding work to ensure we get the very best out of our Google AdWords account, Dave provides practical guidance that ensures our site performs well across the board. We've also found their fees very reasonable. With SEO, multivariate testing, content analysis and insider knowledge about the software industry, I have no hesitation in recommending their services."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsJonathan Hill, infacta
"Excellent service, fantastic results. Highly recommended!"
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsPeter Coppinger, Founder / CEO / Lead Developer at Teamwork.com
"Dave provided an amazingly quick turnaround time and yet deep insights into simple and straightforward improvements that could be made to our homepage. Where others would struggle to work out specifics, Dave’s expert knowledge was obvious; he just knew instinctively what was wrong and what needed fixing."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsDirk Paessler, Paessler AG
"Working together with SoftwarePromotions, our monthly sales increased by 3090% in 18 months! They are also simply a pleasure to work with!"
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsEugene Klein, RealChat Software
"Although initially hesitant, I am now truly amazed by how accurate the review you wrote is! It points to weaknesses I could never have spotted myself, and provides clear paths to improvements that need to be made. Will definitely consider working with you again. Thank you!"
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsGiacomo 'Peldi' Guilizzoni, Founder and CEO Balsamiq Studios
"SoftwarePromotions know their stuff, deeply. It’s truly a pleasure to work with them. I have recommended their services to lots of people, it simply pays for itself. I feel like AdWords spending is an accelerator pedal I can choose to push on when our business is ready for it. With the help of SoftwarePromotions, I know that my wheels won’t be spinning when I do so."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsJonathan Cogley, CEO thycotic.com
"Aaron and the team at Software Promotions know their stuff. They spend all of their time understanding AdWords, the nuances, the inevitable changes and what is working for other customers. This knowledge is critical and outsourcing this function to them will get you world class results fast. Their professionalism and expertise is phenomenal. I highly recommend their services."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsSharon Housley, NotePage, Inc.
"SoftwarePromotions are an established and professional marketing company, and provide a wide range of services to our business. We have worked with them for almost ten years, and during that time they have constantly adapted their services to an ever-changing industry. They have a strong visibility at international software conferences and regularly demonstrate their understanding of new and emerging markets. I would not hesitate to highly recommend them. SoftwarePromotions is more than just a marketing company, they have been partners in our success."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsGus Tugendhat, Founder Tussell Limited
"SoftwarePromotions have done a great job and I wouldn't consider going elsewhere for AdWords and SEO services."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsRichard Joseph, R J Software
"Their promotional services gave us the kind of exposure we needed to really take off! It was so easy filling out the service forms that we wondered how effective it would be, but our questions were soon answered with adramatic increase in web exposure, new emails and, of course, new sales. We have nothing but good feelings about them! Thanks, Dave!"
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsGrant Averett, Cerberus, LLC
"After spending thousands on Google Ads, and not seeing any measurable results, SoftwarePromotions took over and helped us realize how effective a professionally managed Google Ads campaign can be. Our sales tripled the first year, and since then we've seen the kind of year-over-year growth that we couldn't have imagined five years ago when we first started working with them. Aaron and Dave are responsive, professional, and true experts at what they do."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsBhavana Nambiar, Finance & Operations at BizTalk360
"Dave's training was simple, easy to understand and stress-free. Even for a non-techie like me, I felt at ease throughout, and now feel confident to use what I've learnt. Dave was really friendly and answered all our queries and explained his ideas until we thoroughly understood them."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsAnders Thue Pedersen, CEO & Founder TimeBlock.com
"Dave did a 10 minute teardown of our website that was filled with valuable insight and concrete and actionable items. We implemented all the changes Dave suggested and ended up growing our revenue 300% overnight delivering an instant ROI, we followed up with a longer in-depth walkthrough of the website some time later that led to another boost in conversion so we are now hovering around 450% of the original revenue."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsJason T. Roff, firstfactoryinc.com
"I was looking all over the place for an _affordable_ SEO solution for a site I had created, because I knew nothing about SEO. I couldn’t figure it out – I read websites, talked to people etc…and just threw up my hands. Karin at SoftwarePromotions looked at my site, gave me a price, and within a week had delivered me a list of changes to make. Within DAYS of implementing SOME of the changes Karin gave me, I was #1 on Google for the two phrases I was looking for."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsFredrik Heidgert, Intermedia Design
"SoftwarePromotions’ work is of the highest professional standard. Not contacting SoftwarePromotions just isn’t an option."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsDanny Grimes, Pawnbroker
"We worked with Dave and Software Promotions when Google penalised our website. His deep knowledge and scientific approach to SEO was very valuable and with his help we were back on top before long. I would thoroughly recommend him and on top of that we always felt he was on our side. A true expert. Not a blind fee charger."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsRobert Young, Webteacher Software
"Hiring SoftwarePromotions was one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made. SoftwarePromotions is competent and thorough, with the necessary human follow-through that we were not getting from the software packages. Their knowledge of shareware PR is obviously qualified, because they were able to obtain a better response with a 2 paragraph e-mail than we got from an expensive PR firm in 8 months."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsAnna Gunning, GunningMarketing.co.uk
"Thanks for the brilliant training on Wednesday. It was the best training session I've ever been on."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsWibke Weilacher-Carstensen, Red Gate Software
"SoftwarePromotions provided us with training on SEO best practices. The training was excellent, and we’re already using the advice that was shared in our day-to-day marketing activities."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsNoah Rowles, iolo technologies, LLC
"SoftwarePromotions have been an instrumental part of iolo's online success for many years now. The team is well qualified, extremely passionate about their craft, and, most importantly, always a pleasure to deal with. I have no hesitation recommending their services to anyone aside from our competitors."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsMarc W. Essink, Magenta MultiMedia Tools B.V.
"Within a few days after their actions, our hit rate and download figures went up. We recommend SoftwarePromotions to everyone. Thumbs up, guys!"
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsRobert Sobers, Varonis
"SoftwarePromotions has done an amazing job with our PPC campaigns. They have an unparalleled level of AdWords knowledge, are extremely responsive, and a pleasure to work with."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsDmitry Sumin, Passware Inc.
"We’ve been a satisfied Software Promotions customer for years now, but the results we received with this new service truly exceeded our expectations."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsPeldi, Founder and CEO Balsamiq Studios
"SoftwarePromotions know their stuff, deeply. It’s truly a pleasure to work with them. I have recommended their services to lots of people, it simply pays for itself."
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsMike Mindel, WamBamClub
"Great service & advice from the guys at Software Promotions. They knocked my PPC account into shape & I saw gradual improvements from month to month. Highly recommended."