The greatest copyright notice – ever

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Hyperbole and a Half is as far as you can get from the bog-standard blog (blog standard?), and it’s more or less the opposite of my chosen type of reading.

But it’s wonderful. It’s original, inspired, and it makes me laugh.

Anyone who has ever had a completely insane dog will relate to Wild Animal (The Simple Dog Goes for a Joy Ride), and it was this post that first raised the author’s genius.

Take a look at the navigation:

great navigation


And buried away in the fascinating oddness of her FAQ are some startlingly sensible points:

Is your work copyrighted?  Can I repost it?

My stories and drawings are copyrighted, but as long as you attribute your use of my images/words correctly (with a link to the source of the material), it should be fine.  But please don’t completely repost anything (that’s such a gray area and it has worked out horribly for me in the past). Problems only arise when you use my work in a way that suggests you’re trying to pass it off as your own.  I work very hard to create these posts and it hurts my livelihood when my work is reposted without credit (websites like are horrible about this.)  Plagiarism always hurts the artist.

Best of all, she has the best copyright notice I have ever seen, Copyright Allie Brosh (please don’t kill me)

the best copyright notice I have ever seen


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