An instant SEO diagnosis – no tools required!

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

How would you like a simple diagnostic test? Something that will instantly show you whether you have SEO problems or everything’s fine?

Some time ago I put up a video that showed you how to do precisely that… but things have changed slightly, and my old technique is no longer accurate. Thanks Google.

Why? Because some websites are seeing a slight and gradual decline in the quantity of their organic visitors. It’s not that they’re necessarily in trouble, and their rankings for important keywords may be completely unaffected. Instead this is down to Google’s changes beginning to work, and consequently a fair number of websites are starting to see less off-target visitors than before.

The giveaway sign is when quality indicators such as time spent on the website start to mprove. The reason being that these visitors are better quality, and so more likely to engage with your content.

So I decided to record a new version of the video, to show you precisely how to gauge the SEO health of your website. And best of all, it will literally take you two minutes – and I prove it in the video!

IMPORTANT: This is about as simple an SEO diagnostic as you can get! It’s very basic, only takes into account two factors, and may have the potential to mislead you if you’re not careful about interpreting the results.

For example, if your website has significantly changed appearance, structure or content presentation, this can have an impact on how long people spend on your pages before leaving.

But considering the fact that most people simply never get round to SEO, it’s a lot better than nothing! Stay informed and keep monitoring!

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