Google feeling the heat

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

Have you been noticing a decline in the quality of Google search results lately? I myself have noticed an increase in the number of spam results (and I use Google a LOT), although our own rankings remain more or less where they have been for a long time.

And the masses are starting to grumble. The gist of the grumble seems to be something along these lines:

“Why the &/¤#”& are Google so busy pushing out new products when their search results are getting worse by the day?”

Last week, we told you about the spammy site that managed to get five billion pages indexed in Google in only three weeks. That's part of what's making people angry, even though Google have tried to explain it away by claiming that it was simply “tied to a data push”.

Of course, the problem is that there are no great alternatives to Google. As one angry commenter put it :

“Google's search is nearing pathetic. Their only saving grace is that everyone else's search is even more pathetic.”

I think this is a movement that will grow, and I think Google had better get their act together and turn some of their focus back on what they do best – search.

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