Google and Dell sign the deal

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

There has been much talk about this particular relationship, but now they’ve gone ahead and made it official. In the future, Dell PCs will have Google software installed when they leave the factory. The software will include a Google toolbar and a co-branded homepage.

Hmmm. Of course, this is not great news for Microsoft. But is it really necessary for Google? For most users, it’s going to be the equivalent of including air in a hotel room – now with satellite TV, steam iron, minibar, hairdryer and as much air as you need to breathe. People are going to use Google anyway, whether it’s pre-installed or not.

I suppose it’s an insurance for the future. But if Google’s quality falls to the point where people stop using it, I’m not sure any amount of Dell deals are going to help.

Google and Dell in software deal

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