Buying a diamond

Posted by Dave CollinsWebsite Optimisation

I’m not. But I thought it would make a good example.

Let’s imagine I was twenty years younger, and looking to buy a diamond. Being a twenty year old male means that I wouldn’t know the first thing about diamonds, so my first port of call to expand my mind would be to Google: “advice on buying a diamond”.

Let’s compare four of the results I see.

Diamond 1– little text, no information. Makes the classic mistake of describing what they’re going to explain without actually saying anything. Also quite an unattractive website – not the sort of place I would want to part with my money.

Diamond 2 – appears to have a fair amount of information but leaves the novice a little unsure as to what to click on next or where to begin.

Diamond 3 – significantly better than the above examples. They start answering my question right from the outset, and the headline reassures me that I’m in the right place.

Diamond 4 – a cut above the rest. The most dominant aspect of the page is the information I need. The introductory paragraphs reassure me that I’m in the right place. Then there’s a short explanation of each characteristic, nicely illustrated, with a clear link to more information should I require it.

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