Yesterday’s website critique webinar

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

Yesterday’s webinar worked really well, and judging by the volume of email that we’ve already received, attendees found it to be both useful and entertaining. We aim to please. We’re hoping to post a video of the critique, and will announce it here once it’s online. Thank-you to everyone who attended, and a special thanks to my co-host, Sharon Housley … Read More

Microsoft testing a Twitter-like app?

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Microsoft have just begun beta-testing what amounts to a localised version of Twitter, yet for now, they appear to be focused on users staying informed about what’s happening with the places and people you care about. “Send and receive alerts with Microsoft Vine. Organize people into groups so it’s easy to send information to them all at once — the … Read More

Free website review webinar – less than 31 hours to go!

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Fact 1: Small changes to your website can have a major impact on your downloads and sales. Fact 2: You are effectively blind to the strengths and weaknesses of your own site. Dave Collins and Sharon Housley’s Website Critique Webinar is taking place in less than 31 hours! Subjects to be covered include the initial impression created by a website, … Read More

The dangers of working in the dark

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We just finished redesigning our SoftwarePromotions website. It was a complete redesign, and involved a massive investment in time, cash and stress. But I think it paid off. We began our redesign process by first of all identifying what we felt were the most important pages on our website. The pages that we considered vital to our business. The next … Read More

Apple Records One-Billionth Download from its App Store

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On Thursday the one-billionth download from Apple’s App Store occurred, marking an impressive milestone for the store. Only in existence for 10 months, the App Store already boasts more than 30,000 applications with new content pouring in every day. With consumer’s voracious appetite for mobile apps growing by the day, developers are racing to come up with the next big … Read More

Twitter Flu – Win a $100 Amazon gift voucher

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Mashable have (yet another) interesting article on Twitter: Inside the Minds of Twitter Users by Ann Handley from MarketingProfs. The article explains the results of a fascinating survey of 432 “highly involved Twitter users“. And how is a highly involved Twitter addict defined? Someone who spends an average of 2 and three quarter hours per day on Twitter. An average … Read More

Google want to know even more about you. Privacy concerns anyone?

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You probably already noticed that there’s a lot of anti-Google sentiment out there. If someone awoke from a ten year coma today, they might be puzzled. They might assume that Google manufactured cigarettes or perhaps chopped-down rainforests as a sport. I’m as critical as anyone else when it comes to the things that Google could and should do better, especially … Read More

Google – one step backwards, three steps forward

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Google Labs have launched two new experimental products that actually have the potential to change the way we search for news and pictures. Google News Timeline “allows users to view news, scanned newspapers and magazines, blog posts, sports scores, and more on a zoomable, graphical timeline”, while Similar Images “helps you narrow your search by finding images that are visually … Read More

Google vs. Yahoo – is there a prize for second place?

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing, SEO

I like to indulge myself a little on a Friday morning, and look for emerging trends across all of our client accounts. I did say a little. When looking at which search engines send traffic to our clients, like Olympic events, the three medal winners stand on a podium. Unlike the Olympic podiums, the Gold medal winner stands several kilometres … Read More

Familiarity vs. innovation

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Our company has worked with a lot of different applications over the years, and I usually recognise a good application when I see one. When first evaluating an application, one of the first things the user notices is the interface. Most Windows applications use a similar convention. They have a row of menu items that make use of dropdown menus, … Read More