10 reasons you shouldn’t be using 10 reasons lists for publicity (or anything)

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing

1 – They’re easy to read, easy to absorb and easy to forget.

2 – The main message they communicate is that you’re no more original than the other 1.4 billion writers (see point seven).

3 – They never fail to disappoint.

4 – It’s almost impossible to maintain quality. Points 1-3 may be semi-reasonable, but 8-10 will be little more than padding.

5 – Putting forward ten ideas will result in either barely scratching the surface or drowning in laborious and lengthy detail.

6 – A worthy idea deserves undivided attention.

7 – Single digit numbers should/n’t be written as text. Google show 1.4 billion results for 10 reasons, and only 127 million for ten reasons.

8 – I’m not the only person in the world to generally ignore any such numbered lists. Statistically one or two of the 1.4 billion lists may have been interesting. I’ll never know.

9 – I did tell you it’s almost impossible to maintain quality, right?

10 – Most are little more than space fillers or promotional plugs.

In short: surely you can do better than just another pointless and crappy list?


Pointless images often feature on pointless lists

Pointless images often feature on pointless lists