The Beauty of Download Conversion Tracking in AdWords

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

Conversion tracking provides AdWords advertisers with valuable information as to how well their AdWords-derived traffic performs once it reaches the advertisers’ websites. Most advertisers who use conversion tracking do so in order to track sales or purchases. The problem with purchase conversion tracking is that it is based on a cookie which lasts for 30 days. Many people routinely delete … Read More

Warning: New AdWords phishing and the MySQL saga

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

A number of companies have received a Dear John from Google, over their use of the term “mySQL” in their ads. Google’s trademark policy is at best puzzling, and as pointed out in an earlier post, there appears to be a three-stage hierarchy: Level 1 – companies who direct enough legal heat at Google to make them wince. Sunburnt but … Read More

Ads, interruptions & blood soaked t-shirts

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral, Google Ads

The Social Science Research Network have released a paper that claims advertising doesn’t necessarily negatively impact TV viewing. “Consumers prefer to watch television programs without commercials. Yet, in spite of most consumers’ extensive experience with watching television, we propose that commercial interruptions can actually improve the television viewing experience. Although consumers do not foresee it, their enjoyment diminishes over time. … Read More

The secret to 1st position in AdWords

Posted by Aaron WeinerGoogle Ads

Recently, I came across a website of a supposed “AdWords guru”. Through a screenshot on their website, they prove that they got their customer position #1 on AdWords. I am going to let you in on their secret for free. You don’t even have to sign up for our services. I am going to tell you exactly how to get … Read More

Certification and the competency of deceit

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral, Google Ads

It had to happen. Google yesterday announced the launch of a new skills qualification program: “Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ), which allows individuals to demonstrate proficiency in Google Analytics“. SoftwarePromotions is an AdWords Qualified Company, so I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot to make my point. However, as a marketing professional, I have to tip my hat … Read More

AdWords Version 3.0?

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

As you’ve probably heard by now, Google are in the process of shaking up their AdWords system – inside and out. To begin with, they’re now displaying AdWords ads in their News searches. This is more than a little puzzling. First of all, you probably assumed they were already doing so, right? Secondly, you now might be wondering why they … Read More

Do you have any old adwords accounts for sale?

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral, Google Ads

I just received the following email: “Good morning, I am looking buy old google adwords accounts an can pay $300 per account. Do you have any that you are willing to sell? Ideally I am looking for… Has been opened over 3 months A budget spend of over $100 – $200 a day for some time Account has less than10 … Read More

Your “Google AdWords” Approval Status

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

“Thank you for advertising with Google AdWords. After reviewing your account, we’ve found that one or more of your ads or keywords does not meet our guidelines. You can see your disapproved ad(s), the reason for disapproval, and editorial suggestions, from the Disapproved Ads page within your account.“ You’ve probably seen this sort of email before, but this one isn’t … Read More

Spendthrift competition hurting your Google AdWords account?

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

If you have any real experience working with PPC, you’ll already know that there are two ways to “do well” in Google AdWords. The first way is to simply throw money recklessly at your bids. Hint: bad idea. The second way is to work the Google AdWords system to your advantage. Guess which is the more common strategy? Admittedly the … Read More