Interview with Rob Walling

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing

This week we’re interviewing Rob Walling. Rob owns long tail SEO keyword tool HitTail and soon-to-launch email marketing application Drip, along with co-hosting the popular startup podcast, Startups for the Rest of Us. Rob is also the co-founder of the incredible MicroConf Conference, and I personally rate this as one of the best software conferences of all of them. Dave:  What … Read More

My name is Dave and I’m an SEO

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

My name is Dave and I’m an SEO. No-one ever follows this with “Hi Dave”. At best you get an awkward, vaguely sympathetic smile. In a way the dislike of SEOs is strange. We * don’t pollute the planet, exploit children, chop-down rainforests or sell products that kill people. But as an industry we’re responsible for a number of big … Read More

Mobile is here and you’re not ready

Posted by Dave CollinsAnalytics, Marketing, Website Optimisation

It’s easy to forget that the PC in your pocket is a mobile phone. It’s easy to forget that it’s even a phone. I rarely use the torch/flashlight app, but it still gets used more than the phone functionality of my device. The figures for mobile web usage are incredible: 56% of American adults are now smartphone owners. Amazon, Wikipedia, and … Read More

Target the right people in Google Ads wherever they are around the world

Posted by Aaron WeinerGoogle Ads

When setting up a Google Ads campaign, one of the central decisions you’ll need to make is who to target and how you actually target them. Google do provide a fair amount of control, however if you use the wrong settings, you’ll end up showing your ads to people who weren’t interested in the first place. Take the following into … Read More

How Google Analytics can hurt you

Posted by Dave CollinsAnalytics, SEO

The sampling in your Google Analytics account can be horribly inaccurate, and may dramatically skew the data that you rely on. Does that get your attention? What is data sampling? As defined by Google: “Sampling in Google Analytics (GA) or in any web-analytics software refers to the practise of selecting a subset of data from your website traffic and reporting … Read More

Craft better AdWords ads that result in more clicks

Posted by Aaron WeinerGoogle Ads

After careful detailed analysis, you’ve picked all the right keywords. Anyone searching for them has to be interested in what you are offering. So why are there so few clicks on any of your ads? How did you setup your ad groups? Creating campaigns with one single ad group packed with keywords and ads is not a good idea. This is … Read More

Decrapifying SEO trends in Google Analytics

Posted by Dave CollinsAnalytics, SEO

When it comes to understanding how your website is performing from an SEO perspective, Google Analytics is an excellent quick and dirty tool. It’s also all too often used incorrectly. Important SEO analytics tip #1: Trends are more important than volumes. And they’re easier to spot.   Important SEO analytics tip #2: Short term fluctuations don’t matter. I can’t tell … Read More