Software Customer Acquisition Methods

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

TrialPay have released an interesting (and puzzlingly dated) report covering the costs of customer acquisition, the most effective means of acquiring customers, acquisition trends and more. 184 software companies took part in the survey, and TrialPay even break-down the demographics of the participants. It’s unfortunate that the majority are selling to consumers, and 40% are selling games. Yet the data … Read More

Digital coupons opportunity?

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A recent report issued by indicates impressive growth in the popularity of digital coupons: “Printed savings from and the digital network for the 12 months ending June 2010 exceeded $1 billion. This includes savings printed or loaded to a store loyalty card and represents a 100 percent increase compared to $529 million the year before.“ Easy to … Read More

25 ways to get Google AdWords wrong. Mistake #2: insufficient ads

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

A significant part of AdWords management involves educated trial and error. No matter how well you know your product, your markets and Google’s system, there is no way to accurately predict which ads will work and which will fall flat on their faces. AdWords visitors are probably quite different from your regular visitors – different needs and behavioural patterns, so new strategies may … Read More

25 ways to get Google AdWords wrong. Mistake #1: bad names

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

AdWords is complicated enough already. Don’t add to the chaos by using strange abbreviations. A new campaign named first-cont-01 might make sense next week, but in a year’s time, the person handling your account may be baffled. There’s a better way. Clear names make navigation and analysis quicker and easier. Campaign: discounts US and Canada Ad group: 20 percent Use the … Read More

Terms of service: Twitter, Second Life, Google and more

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Take a quick look at the number of words in the terms of service for each of the following organisations: Blogger – 2,099. WordPress – 2,681. Twitter – 2,969. Google – 4,219. Second Life – 10,866. The three services that allow any individual or organisation to say what they like and reach most of the world have the least. The … Read More

Time to question your family and friends?

Posted by Dave CollinsWebsite Optimisation

According to Helen Leggatt of BizReport, “a trial is currently underway of ads on Facebook that include the name of a friend who has reviewed the advertiser along with their review….. If an ad for, say, a liquor store is annotated with a review from a friend saying it is the cheapest and rated 4 stars, that will surely be … Read More

Buying a diamond

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I’m not. But I thought it would make a good example. Let’s imagine I was twenty years younger, and looking to buy a diamond. Being a twenty year old male means that I wouldn’t know the first thing about diamonds, so my first port of call to expand my mind would be to Google: “advice on buying a diamond”. Let’s … Read More