25 ways to get Google AdWords wrong. Mistake #4: broad match fear (or complacency)

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

Like it or not, broad match is a vital component of Google AdWords management.

The only way to avoid broad match is to play it 100% safe – perhaps by only using exact matched keywords. But 100% safe doesn’t work in advertising, marketing or Google AdWords.

There are, unfortunately, no 100% guarantees, but you can reduce the risks significantly by understanding how broad match works.

The first point is that broad match needs muzzling.

Bid on the broad matched keyword red shoes for example, and your add might be displayed to people searching for buy red shoes, leather shows, redwood, running shoes, avoiding a red face, red paint and more.

The second point is that common-sense is a good starting point, but to use broad match you need to combine the power of the search query report with a good list of negative keywords.

And let’s not forget that keeping on top of this as an ongoing task is critical.

Tame broad match and it will work with you. Allow it to run free and it will wreak havoc.