What makes a website attractive?

Posted by Dave CollinsWebsite Usability

We already know what makes a person attractive: symmetry and (apparently) a resemblance to our parents. The latter is disturbing beyond words. But what makes a website attractive? Probably not symmetry, and certainly nothing to do with our parents. Colour? Use of space? Eye-catching graphics? Clarity? A picture of a grinning model wearing a headset? Probably a combination of most … Read More

Why does no-one visit my great web page?

Posted by Dave CollinsWebsite Usability

Too many businesses believe that the people who come to their website are unpredictable. That they’re out of control, entirely irrational and impossible to control. This is nonsense. The people who come to your website can only read the content that you present to them. They can only click the links and buttons that you put in front of them. … Read More

Google remarketing won’t work for you

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing, Website Usability

When I was in Beijing a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting one of the markets that sells a wide range of goods at “too good to be true” prices. Here’s the script of what generally happens. I walk past a stall selling questionably-authentic designer handbags. Seller: [LOUD] Hello Sir, want to buy a designer handbag? Me: … Read More

Describe what you sell in five words

Posted by Dave CollinsWebsite Usability

If you sell software, you probably tell people you meet that you’re a software developer or a programmer. If you tell someone who’s interested in what you sell you talk more about what it does. Today’s challenge is a simple one. Describe what you sell in five words or less.

“My son’s website is absolutely wonderful”

Posted by Dave CollinsWebsite Usability

We all like praise from our parents, but should you be looking at them to critique your website? Better still, ask a friend. Better still, ask a client or customer. Better still, ask a potential client or customer who didn’t buy what you sell. Best of all, look in your Analytics account. You’ll find plenty of answers, and unfortunately plenty … Read More

Amazon’s navigation simplicity – only in the UK?

Posted by Dave CollinsWebsite Usability

If you’ve ever heard me speak about website design, there’s a good chance you’ll have heard me mention Amazon. Among other things, their website is a great example of simplicity. At least superficially. I’ve always been impressed that despite an astonishingly large number of items for sale, their main navigation contains only 12 items: As someone who works extensively with … Read More