Bad Content is the Fast Food of the Web

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing, SEO

No-one questions the wisdom of creating good content. It reinforces authority and expertise. It acts as a catalyst for creativity. It’s good for search engine traffic, marketing, sales, and (shudder) social media. So why is there so little good content? There’s a seemingly infinite amount of content, but almost all of it is sorely lacking when it comes to quality. … Read More

Don’t Be Evil – really?

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads, SEO

I don’t believe for one moment that Google are evil; it’s a baseless idea that most intelligent people reject as sensationalist. The embodiment¬†of good, however, has to be more than just the absence of wickedness. And a motto of simply not being evil does little to reassure me of a company’s intentions. Imagine, for example, a person described as “not … Read More

SEO far SEO good

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

A few months ago I was discussing SEO strategy with a person who wouldn’t want to be named, but hopefully doesn’t mind being quoted. He asked: “If we had to choose between creating content or getting links, which would you prioritise?“ SEOs may wince, smile or raise their “good question” eyebrows, but many non-SEOs (aka normal people) might consider this … Read More