Bad Content is the Fast Food of the Web

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing, SEO

No-one questions the wisdom of creating good content.

It reinforces authority and expertise. It acts as a catalyst for creativity. It’s good for search engine traffic, marketing, sales, and (shudder) social media.

So why is there so little good content?

There’s a seemingly infinite amount of content, but almost all of it is sorely lacking when it comes to quality.

Every day we’re bombarded by countless articles and web pages. All vying for our attention.

Can you imagine how many you’ve read so far this week?

What’s lacking, however, is quality.

How many articles have you read today that you even remember?

How many from yesterday?

For years we’ve been subject to high level of exposure to low quality content.

Irrespective of when you read this, you’ve probably already read or skimmed many variations of inane and pointless ramblings that have one thing in common. They serve no useful purpose.

Worryingly, we seem to have accepted this as the norm.

I believe that we’ve become desensitised to poor quality, badly written content.

With time, this has had the terrible effect of lowering our own standards and expectations, both in terms of the content that we read and the content that we create.

Content isn’t just a strategy for SEO, conversion optimisation, incoming links or sales.

Content isn’t about eye-catching headlines for insubstantial and pointless articles.

Content is the base for everything.

Good content is a great opportunity.

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