Why is Google so mean to SEOs?

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

I’ve been working with SEO since 1997, and have seen more change over the last two years than the 14 years prior to that. Even if you don’t know the specifics, you’ve probably heard about Penguin and Panda. And in this case, the specifics don’t matter. The majority of Google’s updates have one single purpose: cleaning-up the garbage from the … Read More

Save money on AdWords right now

Posted by Aaron WeinerGoogle Ads

Anyone using AdWords knows it can be pricey. Lowering your AdWords cost is not as simple as lowering your bids and/or budget. In fact, lowering your bids or budget could hurt the performance of your campaigns making them less profitable. It sounds strange but lowering could, in turn, raise your costs. What if some of your AdWords traffic is off … Read More

Talking Google AdWords

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

In May 2012 I gave a presentation on Google AdWords at the phenomenal MicroConf conference in Las Vegas. I rate MicroConf as one of my all-time favourite conferences, and was genuinely honoured to be able to speak there. My talk was titled Google AdWords: Stop Losing & Start Exploiting (Really). Please don’t be put-off by my unnerving likeness to a serial-killer … Read More

Is ranking the SEO metric of yesteryear?

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

Whether you’re handling your own SEO, working with a reliable SEO company, or just hoping it’ll somehow happen on its own, you probably like to measure your SEO performance. Which is why so many of us monitor rankings for our keywords. The higher the better – more so when we’re above our competition, right? Rankings, however, in spite of how … Read More

AdWords search ecosystem

Posted by Aaron WeinerGoogle Ads

AdWords acts like an ecosystem of interconnecting and interacting parts. Some advertisers forget the importance of this ecosystem and how each part interacts with one another, which is why they don’t see their AdWords account perform well or they pay more for each click they happen to receive. Advertisers that do understand how they interact within the ecosystem, will give … Read More

White-hat SEO is for the naive?

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

Hacking has become cool. Actually hacking has already made the transition from cool to mainstream. We’re bombarded with articles and blog posts on hacking your working methods, schedules, sleep cycles, coffee brewing, education, thinking process and more. It isn’t, therefore, a huge leap for many businesses to assume that hacking SEO is a logical extension of the same idea. And the … Read More

AdWords without sales tracking

Posted by Aaron WeinerGoogle Ads

If you’re running an AdWords account, you need to know how well it’s performing. Is that $10,000 you’re spending each month on AdWords, delivering more in return or are you simply paying for expensive hot air? Google’s answer to that question is conversion tracking. Take a small code snippet and place it on your sales page. Anyone who clicked on … Read More

SEO demystified – an awe**** idea

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

I just got back from MicroConf 2013, where I had the honour of speaking to an incredible group of entrepreneurs about SEO. My presentation appeared to go down well, yet many will remember it for two reasons. The first was my demonstration of how careful you need to be when giving cash to an SEO consultant. The second was my … Read More