Your website’s first mistake

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Your website’s first mistake is a common one. You may not like the idea, but chances are your website is the online equivalent of the guy who cornered you at the last event you attended. You asked him what he did, and half an hour later he was still sharing far, far more information than you were interested in.

If 1% of the world’s Excel users bought our add-in

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Every few months someone sends me their business plan and asks how we might work together. Most of them are interesting. Yet every now and then the plan contains something along the following lines: Vision and optimism are essential when launching a business, but so is realism.

Website Armour: a practical guide to protecting your website from customers

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Next Tuesday I’ll be making a couple of presentations to the Software East network in Cambridge, UK. Website Armour: a practical guide to protecting your website from customers will look at some of the many ways that software developers lose sales through their websites. 31 ways to ruthlessly exploit Google AdWords is self-explanatory. Google have been taking your money under … Read More

Me and 22,000,000 people in Beijing

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Last year I was invited to speak at a Digital River conference in Shanghai. Not surprisingly, I had no idea that I was going to get trapped by an Icelandic ash cloud. Tomorrow I leave for another DR event in China, this time in Beijing. I have no idea what the banner says, but sincerely hope it has nothing to … Read More

Q: Why is Google AdWords so complicated?

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A/Q: Why do you think? Everyone knows that Google make most of their money from AdWords. And anyone who uses AdWords knows that it’s a seriously powerful system. Like many powerful systems, it has a lot of options. Here’s where I get to the point. Almost every single default is in Google’s favour and not yours. A new campaign will … Read More

Too much marketing leads to madness

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When I first started shaving, I tried a Bic disposable razor. It made mincemeat of my face, but never tried to be anything more than the cheap, disposable razor that it was. I remember when the first “twin-blade” razor came out. It was quite interesting because it was new and different, and it actually did seem to shave closer than … Read More