Worst product description ever?

Posted by Dave CollinsWebsite Optimisation

We recently started working with a client who sells SharePoint solutions. I personally am not handling the account, but after looking at their website, realised that although I have heard about SharePoint, I don’t know exactly what it is. So I went to Microsoft for the answer: “What Is SharePoint? Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is an integrated suite of … Read More

Stop torturing your website visitors

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral, Website Optimisation

Remember when 468 x 80 banners were the big thing? I do. In fact I used to sell advertising on some of our websites using the format, as did most websites at that time. Then we hit ICO – Inevitable Cycle of Overuse. Stage 1 – the format takes off; now “everybody” is using it. Stage 2 – we see … Read More

Beware – another Google AdWords phishing attempt

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

Watch our for yet another phishing attempt pretending to be from Google AdWords: The usual rule of thumb applies. Don’t ever click one of those links. Login to your account normally through your browser. The other rule of thumb is that Google’s emails usually make sense. They don’t say things like “make sure your keywords are jighly relevant” and “if … Read More

Google and China – the bigger issue

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral

Yes, yes, we know. Google China users are being automatically redirected to Google Hong Kong. But more importantly, why is the Google Hong Kong homepage so much funkier than everywhere else: Google.com: Google.com.hk: When are we going to be upgraded?

Google hypocrisy reaches new levels

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral, Website Optimisation

According to a post on the Google Analytics blog, Google are developing a “global browser based plug-in to allow users to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics“. The writer explains that this is in the interests of “protecting use data privacy“. Sorry? This has the potential to cripple the accuracy of Google Analytics data, and will effectively be … Read More

CNET Downloads reviews changes – better late than never?

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

From CNET’s Software Publisher Newsletter: “As of March 16th, reviews on CNET Downloads are changing in a small but significant way. Since we began reviewing software nearly eight years ago, we have reviewed only the trial version of any software title that was also available for purchase. Going forward, we will begin reviewing and rating software based on the full … Read More

Major labels to allow the over-90s to bypass DRM

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral

On March 13th, YouTube are stopping support for older browsers. The following browsers will be impacted by the change: Any browser older than Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 Any browser older than Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Any browser older than Google Chrome 4.0 Any browser older than Safari 3.0+ Note that users of these browsers will still be able to watch YouTube … Read More

New video: 14 ways to cut your Google AdWords costs

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

Two weeks ago we ran a 45 minute webinar on 14 ways to cut your Google AdWords costs. The feedback we received was fantastic, and some of the attendees (and people who missed the webinar) wanted to know if a recorded version of the webinar would be made available. We listened. We re-recorded. And we put it on YouTube. The … Read More

AdWords Editor comments

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

AdWords Editor is used by many advertisers, mainly because it makes our lives easier. But many users overlook a useful feature – the ability to add comments as reminders to themselves, or as explanations for other AdWords Editor users working on an account. I personally make notes of dates that I add keywords, pause keywords, raise/lower keyword bids, add negative … Read More

Is this girl costing you a lot of money?

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

Have you ever seen this girl before? She may look familiar to you. But you probably don’t remember where you’ve seen her. And you probably don’t realise that she might be costing you a lot of money. This girl’s image is on a massive number of websites which are part of the content network. The websites in question have one … Read More