The most tragic website design mistakes #1: the wrong links

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing, Website Optimisation

Most websites see the majority of their visitors arrive at the home page.

From that point on, the website designer is in control of what happens next. Unless, that is, they make mistake #1 Рthe wrong links.

The links you put on your website pages aren’t there to look good, fill space or offer a means of accessing every single page of your website.

The links are for controlling your visitors.

Assuming the information you present is enticing and retains their interest, the next step for your visitors is to click one of your links.

Two strategies to choose from:

Strategy 1 – offer links to your company’s lengthy mission statement, press packs that no-one reads and a detailed history of how the product concept was born.

Strategy 2 – offer links to the important pages on your website, the pages that sell and the pages that convert.

Choose wisely.

Note: all of this is common sense, right? Take a look at your own website and see which links are presented from your main pages. Are they all the best possible choices? Cross-check with your server logs and see which ones aren’t clicked.