Software company sues Google

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

A Belgian company has sued Google over its toolbar suggestions. The Suggest feature is included in the latest version of the Google browser toolbar, but Google claims to have no control over what it suggests. This is a shame – when you search for this particular company's software, ServersCheck, the suggestions from Google include “serverscheck crack” and “serverscheck keygen”.

Maarten Van Laere, chief executive officer of ServersCheck, stated:

“We don't have any problems with the fact that in Google you can find illegal copies of our software […]. But people that are looking for your company's name in good faith are then being suggested by Google to go and look for a crack. That is a complete different ballgame.”

I couldn't agree more. It'll be interesting to see what Google has to say about this.

Thanks to Marcus Tettmar for the link!

Google Faces Lawsuit Over Search Suggestions

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