Once an idito, always an idito

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing, Website Optimisation

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Get it wrong and you’ll never be able to completely shake it off.

At best you’ll be the person who walked on stage with toilet paper stuck to his shoe who actually gave a good presentation. But year’s later you’ll still be remembered as the toilet paper guy.

If my first contact with you is an email with a glaringly obvious typo in the subject, you’ve just lost credibility.

We all send emails with typos, and I’ll probably whince sympathetically when I notice it. But I will notice it, and it will be remembered,

If the first thing I notice on the main page of your website is a missing image that points to your local hard drive or a spelling mistake in the headline, the after-taste will last forever.

We all make typos, but the first email needs to be perfect. The first impression created by your website needs to be positive. The first thing we need to see as you walk onto the stage is confidence.

We can’t control our nerves, but using a spell-checker and a second, third and forth set of eyes is quick and easy.

There’s no excuse for slopiness.


PS: Yes there are mistakes in this post. The question is how many are intentional?