Milk, eggs and some photo editing software, please

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

This is surely a sign of things to come. Tesco, the largest retailer in Britain, has announced that it’s launching a range of budget own-brand software. The supermarket giant will be selling six different packages by the end of this month, including office and security software, and each title will cost less than £20.

It’s not surprising, really. Like most of the big supermarkets, Tesco is trying very hard to satisfy all the needs a consumer could possibly have, ranging from clothes and home furnishings to insurance packages and broadband services.

I imagine their software will appeal to a certain portion of the market, who are used to buying and trusting Tesco’s own brand goods. What irks me a little is that they have to perpetuate certain myths in the process:

“When it comes to software there is little choice and prices are high,” said Tesco buyer Daniel Cook. “Our new range of software changes this, bringing choice and value to the market that has offered little of either for too long.”

Ah, yes. Because there was always only Microsoft out there.


Tesco moves into software market