Lack of clarity = confusion

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing, Website Optimisation

After a recent (horrible) virus experience, I’ve taken all reasonable steps to protect my system. I use Google Chrome, and use the excellent NotScripts to protect my web browsing.

One of the useful features of NotScripts is that when I get to a website, I have to allow scripts to run, and if I’m not sure about a domain, I merely click a question mark to see how Google rate it on their safe browsing diagnostic page.

It’s useful information, but badly presented:

safe browsing

Not suspicious: no malicious software, and no suspicious content found on the site within the last 90 days.

So why does it then tell me that malicious software includes  2 scripting exploits and 2 exploits?

Is it safe to authorise or not?

When my Norton Internet Security runs a scan, the results have a clear and obvious graphic above them:

Norton says safe

I instantly know that everything is fine. In fact I don’t even have to read the details unless I want to.

If your website, software or emails don’t communicate efficiently, then you’re annoying your visitors, potential users and customers.

Make it crystal clear and you can’t go wrong.