Fed up with Adwords ads pending review? Make your voice heard!

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

On April 10th, 2009, one of the SoftwarePromotions AdWords team posted a blog entry entitled New AdWords Ads Increasingly Getting Stuck in the ‘Under Review’ Black Hole.

It seems like every new ad I create takes longer and longer to actually begin running.

Depending on the client, and which AdWords GUI format they’re using, the new ads assume the label of  ‘under review’ or ‘Active’, but in either case the ads exist in a state of limbo, unable to accrue impressions or clicks.”

Little has changed since then. Actually, aside from changing ‘under review‘ to ‘pending review, nothing has changed at all.

And some of the comments added to Michael’s original post suggest that many other people are experiencing the same frustration.

I have an idea.

If you’re experiencing the frustration of these ad approval delays, please add your comments to this post. Detail your frustration, giving your real name and email address where possible, and if we get enough of a response, we’ll pass the whole thread onto our Google account rep.

Also, if you’re planning on attending this year’s Software Industry Conference in Boston next week, I’m kicking off the conference with the Advanced Google AdWords session at 9:00 on Thursday morning. I hope you can join me there.