Trust and the Privacy Bubble

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing

Customers wield more power with their collective credit cards than any government legislation. Now might be a good time to remind your customers how much you value their trust and safeguard their privacy.

A new kind of interface

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing

The problem with new is that users don’t like to learn. Unless there’s something in it for them. New for the sake of new usually just means difficult.

Go ahead: pamper your bum (or ass)

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing

How do you choose your toilet paper? Your first thought might be that price is the dominant factor, but you’ll almost certainly take into account the texture/comfort factor as well. None of us want to use the low-grade sandpaper that we saw in our schools, for example. A few extra pence can make for a far more comfortable experience.

(not provided) may pollute your Analytics data

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing, SEO

Last month Google announced dramatic changes that seem to have fallen below the radar for many businesses. In a nutshell, they will no longer be reporting on the organic keywords used by anyone logged into their Google accounts. Meaning? Your data has to all intents and purposes been polluted. Read on…

Lies are bad

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing

Good marketing is about clear communication. When did it become the norm to use half-truths and lies in marketing? When did this become acceptable?

DigMyData can save you time and your mind

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing

My name is Dave Collins and I’m a data addict. Actually screw that. I’m proud of it. My name is Dave Collins and I love data. As a company, we measure everything we do. I believe that data is worth more than personal interaction and intuition. I even have an application on my iPhone to track how well I sleep at night. … Read More

Facebook advertising is a waste of money

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing

What a stupid thing to say. Let me rephrase that: We ran a handful of experiments with Facebook advertising and the results were inconclusive. Background: We do a lot of work with Google AdWords, but Facebook really appealed, mainly due to the razor-sharp targeting. With Facebook, for example, we can target people interested in Software Development in the UK and … Read More

Too much marketing leads to madness

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing

When I first started shaving, I tried a Bic disposable razor. It made mincemeat of my face, but never tried to be anything more than the cheap, disposable razor that it was. I remember when the first “twin-blade” razor came out. It was quite interesting because it was new and different, and it actually did seem to shave closer than … Read More