Google Ads remarketing is easy

Posted by Aaron WeinerGoogle Ads

If you’ve never setup a Google Ads remarketing campaign, now’s the time to do so.

Not only is it easier to do than in the past, it can keep your products or services in the mind of your potential customers.

Be remembered, don’t be forgotten. 

We’ve all been there, searching for a product or service. Maybe we’re looking for the right features, the best price, reviews, it really doesn’t matter because we are not buying just yet. We don’t purchase on the first visit. This process might take a few hours, a few weeks or even longer.

If your customers tend to behave in such a way, Google Ads remarketing is the perfect solution.

Once someone has visited your website, you’ll be able to show them ads that will keep your product or service on their mind.

How does Google Ads remarketing work?

It’s easy.

You place a small snippet of code on every page of your website, much like Google Analytics. This code will help Google identify people that have previously visited your website.

Once you’ve added the code to your website, you then need to create a remarketing list. A remarketing list is used to identify a group of people that you wish to target within your search, display or even video campaigns.

Forget about targeting people who searched for a specific keyword. Remarketing is about people, and how they interacted with your website.

When you set up your remarketing lists, you’ll be able to focus your targeting on specific groups of people that did something on your website. At its most basic, you could target everyone who visited your website within the past X number of days. Or maybe you want to specifically show ads to people who viewed a particular product on your website within the past X days.

There are so many possibilities with remarketing but ultimately it’s the easiest way to not be forgotten by your potential customers.

How do you set up remarketing within Google Ads?

It’s a lot simpler than you might think. Here’s a short video that will show you how to set up a Google Ads remarketing campaign:

As you can see from the video, setting up a Google Ads remarketing campaign can be accomplished within a short amount of time.

In case you need more information on remarketing, please visit the Google help section on this subject.