Google have been been steadily promoting the importance of landing pages for the past few years, and have now announced a new algorithm that gives more weight to landing page quality.

Many advertisers roll their eyes in anticipated frustration whenever Google announce such changes, but I believe that the new algorithm offers savvy advertisers more opportunities than pain.

Ultimately little has changed. Even if Google were to completely ignore the landing page in their algorithms, a well-maintained AdWords account would have little to show for their efforts with poor landing pages. People would simply click the ads, look at the landing page content for a few seconds then leave.

The new system will effectively reward advertisers who know what they’re doing, thereby effectively penalising the less-enlightened.

Many advertisers have experienced rising bid prices due to their competitor’s incompetence, but if the new algorithm works as intended, this will reduce their impact.

This is a good day for knowledgeable AdWords advertisers, many of whom will of course be attending our Google AdWords Q & A Webinar next week.