AdWords is too expensive

Posted by Aaron WeinerEmergency, Google Ads

You’ve just logged into AdWords Account and you see that your cost per click is far too high. There’s no way you can continue to sustain an AdWords account at these levels. One option is to give up and decide that AdWords isn’t for you. I suspect your competition would love that, but is that the right approach? Isn’t it possible that you’re … Read More

Putting the oh in SEO

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

One of the worst things about being an SEO is telling people you’re an SEO. Really. The conversations you have are scarily close to digital versions of “I’m an arms dealer, but I only sell to the good guys.” Or “I’m a drug dealer, but only sell to responsible adults who aren’t addicted.” It may sound extreme, but everyone knows that there … Read More

Sudden Traffic Drop? Step by step diagnostic instructions

Posted by Dave CollinsEmergency, SEO

Your website traffic has fallen – possibly dramatically. You’ve logged into your Google Analytics account – you can see there’s a dramatic decline but there’s so much information. Where do you start? Every business website will see a traffic drop at some point, and when it happens it can be terrifying. Is it an SEO problem? Have you been hit by a … Read More