Why Google know best (better than you too)

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

The anti-Google brigade seem to have missed Google’s greatest coup: not only knowing everything about us, but now even understanding our intentions better than we do ourselves. For example when I search for Cloud Computing, of the nine standard results that Google show me, six are variations of “what is cloud computing“, even though I may have been looking for … Read More

What everybody needs to know about tracking

Posted by Dave CollinsAnalytics, Google Ads

The era of being able to accurately track your online marketing efforts is over. Or more accurately: the era of thinking you could accurately track your online marketing is over. Only a few years ago, we thought we could track almost every single keyword that was used to find our websites. The reality was that we could track the keywords … Read More

How do I know if my AdWords account is working?

Posted by Aaron WeinerGoogle Ads

When it comes to AdWords, what works for some may not work for others. One account’s goals may be different from another. I might want to show my ads to a large number of people, while you might only want to show your ads to those who are at a specific point in the purchase process. We each have different … Read More

Taking a step back (WWBD)

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral

I recently stumbled across a great source of practical, qualified and tailored advice for our company. He knows our business like no-one else, is an expert in his field, always has time for us, and is completely free. (Despite the publishing date of this post, this is not an April Fool’s Joke.) Aaron and I recently had our annual get-together, … Read More