Data can cause pain and irreparable damage

Posted by Dave CollinsAnalytics, Marketing

Tracking is deadly. It skews our perception of reality, gives us a dangerously false sense of security, and pushes us into making poor decisions. In our own company, we track the work that we do to near-psychotic levels of accuracy. Note that isn’t a boast thinly veiled to look like criticism (I’m thinking of “my greatest weakness is my attention … Read More

Why shouldn’t you choose a local firm? Because you’re worth it.

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads, SEO

As a service provider, who would you think is our biggest competitor? It’s not another SEO agency, and it’s not an AdWords agency. It’s the firm based near where you work, who can walk, drive or commute to where your business is run. This is ludicrous. Historically it made a great deal of sense. Our parents and grandparents did business … Read More