Confessions of a late Twitter adopter

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing, Social Media

I’ve been using Twitter for forty-two months, have around 10,000 followers, and have tweeted in the region of 3,000 times. For the first forty-one months I received a total of 560 visitors, almost all of whom spent an average time of 1-2 seconds on our website. Low quality is an understatement. During the forty-second month of Tweeting I received 16 … Read More

Black-hat SEO is no longer viable (not that it ever was)

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

I just had a phone call with a company interested in using our SEO services. The following is an almost word-for-word transcript of part of the phone call – as best as my memory and notes can handle. Bob: “Okay this all sounds good, just we’re looking for. But can I ask you a question?“ Me: “Of course – fire … Read More

Twitter actually works (at more than procrastination)

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing

Something unexpected has happened to me. I’ve finally seen the light. I now understand how to use Twitter for my business. Three years ago I wrote Twitter Flu – Win a $100 Amazon gift voucher, where I offered a $100 Amazon voucher for anyone who could tell me how to use Twitter for my business. Four months later I raised … Read More