How to measure the trend in “not provided” data

Posted by Dave CollinsAnalytics, SEO

I’ve spoken to a number of people who found the There’s a war on data post a little worrying, and in particular wanted to know how to how many of their organic visits are being recorded as “not provided”, and how to see the rate of increase in this trend. It’s very simple. Go into your Analytics account, then choose Traffic … Read More

There’s a war on data – and we’re all going to lose

Posted by Dave CollinsAnalytics, Marketing

Your website’s data isn’t abstract, academic or a goal in itself. It’s a means of understanding your visitors – where they come from, what they’re looking for, what they do once they arrive and more. If you’re against the concept of analytics, you’re effectively against understanding how people interact with your website and your business. Which is why many businesses … Read More

Invalid Clicks are meaningless?

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

Click Fraud poses one of the greatest threats to the future of Google, a company whose 2011 unaudited accounts show advertising generating over 96% of their total revenue. If Click Fraud were to spiral out of control, and advertisers were to realise that a significant percentage of their ad spend was fraudulent, it wouldn’t take long for a significant number of … Read More

Still ignoring your mobile users? So are we.

Posted by Dave CollinsAnalytics, Marketing

I just looked in the Google Analytics accounts of 25 different companies, to see how many visitors are using a mobile device. The figures ranged from 0.5% to 10.3%, with an average of 4.9%. Most companies, ourselves included, choose to ignore the problem.