Today’s inspiration: spam

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing

Don’t ask me how this started, but I’ve become very intrigued by spam. The figures are incredible: around 130 – 150 billion sent every day, and only a 0.0001% response rate is needed to make a profit.

Data Never Lies

Posted by Dave CollinsAnalytics

Gut instinct is over-rated. Try setting-up a split test on one of your website’s main pages with four new variations. And try to predict which will win. In theory, you have a one in five chance chance of getting it right. In reality, you’re likely to have a different perspective on your website than your visitors, so your chance of … Read More

How do you function with your eyes closed?

Posted by Dave CollinsAnalytics

I’m going to make some assumptions about you and your website. 1: You probably have Google Analytics installed on your website. 2: You probably don’t use it very much. A lot of companies follow three typical stages with Analytics. Stage 1: Analytics is setup and the code installed on the website. Stage 2: Lots of clicking on all the options. … Read More

Google’s Privacy Policy – did anyone actually care?

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral

Google made some pretty dramatic changes to their privacy policies. When they announced them, the tech world was in uproar. The changes have now been in place for twelve days. Did the average user care? Did you, your parents or friends close their accounts? Did you contact your MP or congressman? We (you and I) perceive the web quite differently … Read More

Pain is bad

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

I won’t name and shame, but I’ve just found a software solution that would make my life easier. The company selling it, however, have forced me to jump through so many hoops before buying it that I’ve given up. The mathematics are simple. The benefits of using your product have to outweigh the pain involved in obtaining it. But users … Read More