Google looks different today

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

Google has changed. At least when viewing results from the US, Finland, Greece, Romania and others: It’s odd that in the UK, France, Hong Kong and other more civilised countries, we’re still seeing the old interface that suddenly looks a little dated: What’s of particular interest is that the URLs are now being displayed above the page excerpts. The same … Read More

How can I measure my SEO efforts?

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

There are more myths of Search Engine Optimisation than any other field of online marketing. Too many companies follow bad advice, act on incorrect assumptions and miss out on an abundance of Google-originated targeted traffic. Once the optimisation of the website is complete, mistakes often continue, with an astonishing number of businesses and individuals incorrectly measuring the results of their … Read More

The software industry may be a-changin’

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

I’m starting to feel that we’re about to enter interesting times. This far, the history of the software industry has been relatively straightforward: growth of computer usage, growth of PCs, growth in internet usage. All of which has been very good for software developers, with lower entry barriers, more customers and bigger opportunities. Yet all of this may be starting … Read More

We guarantee your SEO results!

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral, SEO

About once a week I’m asked what guarantees we offer for our services. Sadly, in life and marketing there are no guarantees. Yet of all our marketing services, it’s SEO that produces the most requests for a guarantee. I could guarantee that you’ll be in the top-five listings for some of the keywords that we’ll optimise your website for. So … Read More

Who cares about your customers?

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral

It often appears that when companies grow beyond a certain size, no-one is responsible for actually caring about their customers. There are people who care if unhappy customers mean a drop in revenue, but no-one who really loses sleep if a customer is getting a bad deal. Software companies generally fall into one of two extremes. Their support is either … Read More