AdWords ads DO affect your organic rankings. Probably.

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There are those who believe that paying for Google AdWords ads will result in their previously invisible website shooting up the ‘regular’ rankings. Sadly that simply isn’t the case. AdWords ads are completely separate from the organic listings. However there is a very real possibility that ads may impact the CTR of organic listings, or, for that matter, vice-versa. An … Read More

Grow up: the web is not another dimension!

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The internet has been with us for some time now, so why do the media continue to portray it as something new, dark and fearful? Newspapers and news websites are full of stories like “woman murdered by internet date“, “internet use linked to depression“, “does the internet reinforce prejudices” and more. All of these are actual headlines from the BBC … Read More

Google AdWords Certification Program

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Google are in the process of changing their AdWords certification program – and quite rightly so. The old exam was initially quite difficult, but over the years became little more than a memory test. And this affects the very status of the Qualified AdWords Professional. Our company has been approached on a number of occasions by Qualified Professionals looking for … Read More

Do Facebook ads work?

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You’ve probably noticed the ads that run down the right hand side of your Facebook pages. In theory they’re specifically targeting you – based on the information taken from your Facebook profile, including your age, interests, connections, education and more. In theory. So if the technology truly works, ads that I see and those that my wife sees should be … Read More