Is Google wave only a ripple?

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral

I recently asked for a Google Wave invite through my Twitter account, and had a surprising number of people send them my way. Thanks to all who responded. But I have to admit to being disappointed. While I haven’t spent that much time in Wave, from what I’ve seen so far, I’m less than impressed. Firstly I’m baffled. I really … Read More

Don’t forget about the AdWords category exclusions

Posted by Aaron WeinerGoogle Ads

Hidden within your AdWords account, there is a little known section called the Site and Category Exclusion tool. Within this section you can exclude specific sites or categories of sites from displaying your ads on the content network. Adding site exclusions has been around for some time, and they can be added from within the AdWords Editor as well as … Read More

Recession may be the catalyst for a new era in business

Posted by Dave CollinsEconomy

The Confederation of British Industry have released a fascinating news release, speculating that the recession may be the catalyst for a new era in business. “The business environment of the next decade will be significantly different to what might have been expected just two years ago. The financial crisis and the recession that has followed have altered operating conditions by … Read More

Death through attention to detail: the curse of the small business.

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral

You’re probably already familiar with the story of the tortoise and the hare. A hare mocks a tortoise and challenges him to a race. The hare is over confident, and keeps resting, sleeping and checking his email. What happens? The tortoise wins the race. The moral of the story is that slow and steady wins the race. It’s a good … Read More

Can anyone help with my itch?

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing

There are three groups of people. People who need what you sell, people who want what you sell, and people who don’t need or want it. For the people who need it, as long as you communicate that your solution scratches their itch, they’ll buy it. The people who merely want it are another story. They require more work, and … Read More

Clarity: -=+

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing, General

We’re all busy and we’re all overloaded. So get to the point. What can you do for me? What solution do you sell? I know what my company sells. We sell money at a lower price. You pay me $1,000 and I generate $1,500 in sales. I sell expertise that generates cash. I sell sales. What do you have for … Read More

The only four letter word that improves sales

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing, General

I can’t think of a single product or service that isn’t improved by easy. Easy doesn’t mean simple, doesn’t mean basic and doesn’t mean less. It means that whatever you want to achieve can be accomplished with minimal effort. Easy doesn’t threaten quality, power, efficiency, functionality or speed. It’s one of the most effective four letter words that you can … Read More