Real-time communication about to become real-time (zzz)

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According to Google, email and instant messaging were both designed in the 1960s, yet haven’t changed much in the last forty years or so. Until Google Wave. “Here’s how it works: In Google Wave you create a wave and add people to it. Everyone on your wave can use richly formatted text, photos, gadgets, and even feeds from other sources … Read More

Kumo – time to give Google a run for their money?

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Microsoft’s Kumo should be launched any day now – in fact I’m expecting it to go live either today or tomorrow. The question is whether or not it will succeed? There’s no doubt that Microsoft have the means, muscle and motivation to give Google a run for their money, but are they about to do so? Or are we going … Read More

U.S. Online Ad Revenue Now Shrinking

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From the Silicon Alley Insider: “For the first time since the dot-com bust, the U.S. online ad market is shrinking, including search. That’s a stunning drop in growth from a year ago, when the market was still growing more than 20%.” As a person who spends a large amount of time handling Google AdWords accounts, this reinforces what I already … Read More

AdWords Editor headed for retirement

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As a long-term user of Google’s AdWords Editor, I have a strong (but treasured) love-hate relationship with the software. I love it because it saves me time and makes my life easier. And I hate it because it’s quirky, ugly and feature-limited. But as is often the case in a love-hate scenario, love wins. And I wouldn’t be without it. … Read More

Preview your website in multiple versions of Internet Explorer

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I just came across a very useful tool from Microsoft, that allows you to see the URL of your choosing in IE6, 7 and 8. The final release will apparently include support for Firefox and Safari too. “How many times have you had to debug your web pages on multiple machines running different versions of Internet Explorer? Or had to … Read More

Google AdWords are lifting the veils of secrecy

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Okay so I’m getting a little carried away. Google are lifting one of their layers of secrecy within AdWords. Allow me to explain. Google have a complex and incredibly effective strategy in place within their AdWords system. With one hand they calm their advertisers down and gently point them towards the information they need. And with the other hand they … Read More

AdWords trademark policy changes – U-turn or a 720 degree circle?

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The Inside AdWords blog details an update to Google’s US ad text trademark policy: “Imagine opening your Sunday paper and seeing ads from a large supermarket chain that didn’t list actual products for sale; instead, they simply listed the categories of products available – offers like “Buy discount cola” and “Snacks on sale.” The ads wouldn’t be useful since you … Read More

Software Piracy on the Rise

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According to a recently released report by the Business Software Alliance, worldwide software piracy rose from 38% to 41% in 2008 (meaning that 41% of all software in use is pirated). This is the second year in a row that software piracy has increased. Although some progress in combating global software piracy has been made, those gains were negated by … Read More

New AdWords interface – bad news for most advertisers

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Google are renowned for their incredibly long BETA testing cycles, but it appears that the new Google AdWords interface is now more or less live. I have to admit to being surprised by this, as our own experiences have uncovered many issues with the new system, often resulting in the interface “crashing”, kicking us out of the client’s account and … Read More

Ask not what Google can do for you, but what you can do for Google

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Software developers, product designers and manufactures can learn a lot from Google. They churn out new features at an incredible rate. Their new ideas are (mostly) useful. They don’t wait too long before releasing their offerings to the world (Gmail is still in beta). And they don’t dilute a great product with superfluous features. Their latest most visible development has … Read More