AdWords Alert – Parked domains and search campaigns

Posted by Aaron WeinerGoogle Ads

Being the AdWords guru that you are, you already know why you’re not supposed to mix search and content campaigns when it comes to AdWords. Well you might be surprised to find that your search only campaign’s ads are being displayed on Parked Domains even though you have disabled the content network. Have a look and see. Within your AdWords … Read More

New adwords feature: Diagnose keywords

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

Some of the Google AdWords accounts we’re handling are showing a useful new keywords feature. Go into a campaign, and next to the Opportunities for improvement, you might see a link to Diagnose keywords: When you click on the link, you are taken to the Ads Diagnostic Tool, where you can choose specific keywords, campaigns or ad groups, and can … Read More

Prepare yourself for a shock: – users don’t want to pay!

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral

The BBC News website are reporting that are going to charge some of their subscribers for streaming. “Internet radio and social music site is to start charging listeners outside the UK, US, and Germany. Users outside those three countries will pay 3 euros [around $4] per month to listen to Radio, the site’s streaming music service.“ The … Read More

A (web) site for sore eyes

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

A quick glance at this morning’s BBC news website leaves me less happy than before I arrived. The main stories on the front page include murdered soldiers, a missing woman, falling education standards, a dam burst that killed dozens and the fact that steaming hot tea has been linked to cancer. Pushing aside my mug of steaming hot tea, I … Read More

AdWords negative keywords – what, why and how

Posted by Aaron WeinerGoogle Ads

If you are running an AdWords keyword campaign, using keyword types other than exact match and you’re not using negative keywords, you need to read this. If you are familiar with negative keywords you might find this blog post useful because I will explain how to identify new negative keywords that you never thought of. What are negative keywords? They … Read More

Advertising is dying. Again.

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral

TechCrunch are running an article on Why Advertising Is Failing On The Internet. The article claims that the expected drop in internet advertising revenues hasn’t just been caused by the recession, but because of three reasons: Consumers don’t trust advertising. Consumers don’t want advertising. Consumers don’t need advertising. And this is something new? I remember when my parents bought our … Read More

To twad or not to twad

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral

I assume that by now you have a Twitter account. And I assume that you’re following me – I also assume that you’ve noticed the ads that are being displayed. Maybe you haven’t. They’re small, discrete, easy to miss, and free. Apparently the ‘advertisers’ being displayed there aren’t paying for their ad spots yet, but the countdown has probably … Read More

First Glance at IE8

Posted by Dave CollinsGeneral

I’ve been using the new version of Internet Explorer for the past couple of days and have formulated a few very initial impressions. First and foremost, IE8 is definitely a nice improvement over its predecessor.  It is faster, more user-friendly and boasts a number of very useful new features. Among the best new features that I’ve discovered thus far: Accelerators are … Read More

No itch? Why scratch?

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

I’ve just been trying the latest beta of Google Chrome ( and it’s noticeably faster than the ‘old’ general release, which was the fastest browser that I’d ever used. For the software user, speed is a relative idea. Upgrade your Windows XP from 512 MB to a Gigabyte and you’ll see a serious improvement in how the OS and your … Read More