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I want you to do my SEO

Take SEO off your to-do list.

We've been working with SEO since 1997.

We know what works, what's effective and what's safe.

Put your SEO in the hands of experts.

I want to learn SEO

Develop your in-house know-how.

Our SEO training will teach you everything you need,

and let you handle your own SEO.

Move forward with a fresh set of skills.

I want you to help me with SEO

If you have an SEO problem and no-one else can help,

tap into our 20 years of experience.

We can assess, guide and help you fix your problem.

Our skills in your hands.

Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsWibke Weilacher-Carstensen, Red Gate Software
"SoftwarePromotions provided us with training on SEO best practices. The training was excellent, and we’re already using the advice that was shared in our day-to-day marketing activities."
Wibke Weilacher-Carstensen, Red Gate Software

It's simple, really

We can optimise your website and ensure that the people looking for what you sell have a good chance of finding it. The best part? The traffic this creates will keep flowing long after the work is done.

You might be spending a fortune on advertising and pay-per-click options, but does that mean that you don’t want a large influx of free traffic? We didn’t think so.

If you aren’t seeing the steady, targeted stream of visitors that you want, we can help you.

We offer:

  • A detailed analysis of your current website status
  • A comprehensive technical audit of your website
  • An analysis of your current SEO traffic and links
  • An SEO risk assessment
  • Detailed analysis of your competition and their SEO strategies
  • Detailed keyword research to find the ideal terms for your website
  • Formulation of a concrete, safe and actionable SEO strategy
  • And more – according to your needs

We have been working with search engines since the days of Lycos and AltaVista, improving thousands of websites and helping business owners far beyond their expectations. We have guided our clients through Google updates like Penguin and Panda, always making sure that we stay on the right side of the SEO tracks: maximising traffic, minimising risk.

We’ll estimate how many hours of work we feel are required, and price accordingly.