SEO Consultation

Tap into years of experience.

Since 1997: 643 companies from 50 countries

More efficient than learning from mistakes. Tap into 20+ years of experience.

Our SEO Consultation service is designed to provide you with direct access to our knowledge and experience.

Whether you’re facing a problem, penalty or technical issue, or are looking for an audit, on-site training or a face-to-face meeting, we can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

What will you get?

The undivided attention of an established and experienced marketing consultant.

Dave Collins is the founder of SoftwarePromotions, and has been working with SEO since 1997.

He’s had the pleasure of working with 643 companies during this time.

Dave is a popular speaker on SEO, at conferences and events around the world.

Is this for you?

Picking Dave’s brain is an opportunity to tap directly into his extensive experience, and is ideal for:

  • An SEO audit
  • Link issues
  • Penalty avoidance
  • Penalty resolution
  • SEO strategy
  • Performance improvement
  • Tailored Best Practices

Whatever your needs and requirements, let Dave apply his hard-gained knowledge directly to your business!


We charge a flat hourly rate. The minimum time period is three hours, and billing is in units of an hour. Our current rates (as of November 2014) are (US) $700.00 per hour.

To make the most effective use of your time, we recommend that initial communications are carried out by email.

There is no charge for reading and absorbing a reasonable amount of basic information.

If extensive preparation is required, then this may be charged for.

Rest assured, however, that there will be no billing surprises or unexpected charges.

Please note that availability is limited.

As a small company, we have to tightly control our schedule.

When you pay for our time, we always ensure that you receive complete and absolute value for money.

Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsDirk Paessler, Paessler AG
"Working together with SoftwarePromotions, our monthly sales increased by 3090% in 18 months! They are also simply a pleasure to work with!"
Dirk Paessler, Paessler AG