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The following is a list of resources that may be of interest to the software developer.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing News Digital Marketing News RSS Feed
Our Digital Marketing blog contains news, commentary, ideas, information and insight from the SoftwarePromotions team, Selling online? Follow the feed.

Competitive Edge
100% original content from SoftwarePromotions. If you would like to receive a regular dose of unique, solid, actionable business advice and useful marketing information, subscribe now.

Digital Marketing Articles for Software Developers – DaveTalks Digital Marketing Articles for Software Developers - DaveTalks RSS Feed
A collection of articles specifically for software developers, covering marketing, working with the web, general business ideas and search engines.

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Facebook – obviously SoftwarePromotions has a Facebook Page.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords News
Keep up to date with new options, preferences and functionality in the Google AdWords system. Unique hints and tips are also shared.

Google AdWords Cheat Sheet
Not sure whether your AdWords account has been set up correctly? Wondering if you’re losing or making money from your AdWords account? Invaluable information.


Paessler AG.
Network monitoring made easy. It ensures the availability of network components, measures traffic and usage, avoids outages, optimises connections, controls service level agreements (SLAs) and more.

NotePage Inc.
Alphanumeric paging software solutions for cell phones and alphanumeric pagers; for standalone systems or network use as needed.

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