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Recent Issue:

Issue twenty one of the Competitive Edge newsletter looked at the subject of improving your website’s conversion rates; of turning more visitors into customers. It explores some of the options for doing so, and some of the mistakes to avoid. If you’re interested in selling more without spending more, you want to read this article.

What is the purpose of your homepage?

The homepage isn’t there to welcome your site visitors, to communicate your aspirations, visions or goals, or to introduce the history of your company. A main page trying to do so is wasting time, diluting the message and losing sales.

If your homepage gets it wrong, as most do, then the majority of visitors arriving at your website simply won’t stay. And of the few who do, many won’t understand that you have what they’re looking for. And of the very few who do, many will fail to be convinced. And of the miniscule remaining few, some won’t be able to find the reassurance they need to purchase.

If your homepage gets it right, and very few do, then most of the visitors arriving at your website will instantly understand what you’re selling and why they need it. The homepage can’t possibly communicate everything about your product, but it has to highlight the pertinent information and steer your visitors towards what they’re looking for. And the most important facts, such as links to more information, the price, how to buy, reassurance and contact information have to be clear and easy to find.

Issue 21 – Feeding your visitors and changing their world