Case study – Balsamiq

Balsamiq Studios aims to make the world a better place by helping people create software that is easier to use. And in a world crusty with hype, they’re actually delivering!

Balsamiq have the perfect mix of an ideal product, a beautifully designed interface, a market hungry for their work and a genuine passion for their business model. The result: over $6,600,000 in sales in the first three years of business.

Over to Giacomo ‘Peldi’ Guilizzoni:

Dave: What’s the nutshell version of the balsamiq story?

Peldi: Balsamiq is a little company I started in 2008. We make a low-fidelity wireframing software called Balsamiq Mockups. It’s very successful. 🙂

Dave: Why Google Ads?

Peldi: Because it works, simple as that. I didn’t do Google Ads for the first year of business, but when I finally decided to do it (Google tricked me into signing up with a $50 credit), sales jumped about 30% immediately.

Dave: That happens! But why would you want to outsource the management of your Google Ads account? Isn’t this something you could do for yourself?

Peldi: Because Google Ads is a hugely complicated mess! There are hundreds of options, and most of them don’t make any sense to regular humans. [Dave:Thanks!] Plus they’re optimised to make money for Google, not for us. We’re a company of 9 people, we don’t have a dedicated marketing team, so the job of advertising falls on me. I don’t have time nor am I interested to learn the ins and outs of Google Ads, outsourcing the management of our account is a no-brainer.

Dave: We hear that a lot. But what made you choose SoftwarePromotions?

Peldi: Very simple: they know their stuff, deeply. Their customer service is top-notch, I feel pampered. But most importantly, they are humble, honest people. It’s truly a pleasure to work with them. I have recommended their services to lots of people, it simply pays for itself.

Dave: Enough small-talk. What impact have we have had on your Google Ads account?

Peldi: I don’t have super-precise metrics, but this chart should help understand why I’m so happy with SoftwarePromotions:

balsamiq revenue - as generated by Peldi

Dave: Plans for the future?

Peldi: We plan on continuing to work with SoftwarePromotions on an effective Google Ads strategy going forward. I feel like Google Ads spending is an accelerator pedal I can choose to push on when our business is ready for it. With the help of SoftwarePromotions, I know that my wheels won’t be spinning when I do so.

Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsPeldi, Founder and CEO Balsamiq Studios
"SoftwarePromotions know their stuff, deeply. It’s truly a pleasure to work with them. I have recommended their services to lots of people, it simply pays for itself."
Peldi, Founder and CEO Balsamiq Studios

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