Website Review

Because you’re blind to your website’s failings.

Your website has problems

You know your product better than anyone else in the world. And you probably have a good idea of what your customers are looking for. You may even be one of the leading minds in your industry.

But when it comes to your website, you have no idea what it looks like to fresh eyes. You’ve seen it too many times and are incapable of seeing how bad it may be.

And you certainly can’t see what’s staring you in the face, and hurting your business. I can.

Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsPeter Coppinger, Founder / CEO / Lead Developer at
"Dave provided an amazingly quick turnaround time and yet deep insights into simple and straightforward improvements that could be made to our homepage. Where others would struggle to work out specifics, Dave’s expert knowledge was obvious; he just knew instinctively what was wrong and what needed fixing."

Who am I and why should you listen to what I say?

I’m Dave Collins, and I’ve been speaking at conferences all over the world for more than 15 years.

I’ve delivered over 80 presentations to thousands of people at almost 40 events, business growth organisations, incubators and more.

I’ve worked with more than 500 websites, and I’ve been carrying out website reviews at conferences since 2001.

I’ve got a great eye for details that you miss, I’m direct and blunt about my findings, and I’ve helped countless businesses improve their websites enormously.

Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsAnders Thue Pedersen, CEO & Founder
"Dave did a 10 minute teardown of our website that was filled with valuable insight and concrete and actionable items. We implemented all the changes Dave suggested and ended up growing our revenue 300% overnight delivering an instant ROI, we followed up with a longer in-depth walkthrough of the website some time later that led to another boost in conversion so we are now hovering around 450% of the original revenue."

What can I do for you?

I can open your eyes to things that you don’t see on your website. Some of them will be head-slappingly obvious – even though you miss them. Some might never have occurred to you.

Yet all of them will make a difference. Everything I will point out can have a profound impact on how your website performs. My ideas can have a dramatic impact on your business.

Everything I tell you is actionable

There’s no point in my telling you anything that you can’t use.

I won’t be trying to impress you, or dazzle you with my British humour. Even if some of what I say might make you laugh. Or squirm. Or cry.

There’ll be no sugar coating. If I think something is terrible, I’ll tell you so in no uncertain terms.

I’m not trying to befriend you; I’m helping you.

This is what you’ll get

I’m going to record my experience of going to your website in my browser for the first time.

I won’t be following your instructions, and I won’t be responding to anything you’ve told me.

The idea is that I behave as someone who’s just arrived at your website for the first time.

There are a few things that make me different from your average visitor:

– I’m going to be recording my interactions with your website, and will voice my thoughts and impressions in real time

– I’ve worked with more websites than most of them

– I’m observant, critical and vocal

– When I walk away from your website unimpressed you gain from my findings

Here’s what your website review can include

  • A detailed and user-realistic impression of your current website setup
  • My thoughts and feedback in real-time as they happen
  • The “glaringly obvious” issues that you probably don’t see
  • A video recording of all the above
  • An overview of your current on-site SEO status
  • A detailed audit of your incoming links
  • An overview and analysis of your incoming link profile
  • A video recording and explanation of your link issues
  • A detailed on-site SEO audit PDF document
  • A detailed link audit spreadsheet
  • A 20 minute Skype call for clarification, suggestions and whatever you require
  • Everything is non-technical and easy to understand



  • Website review
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  • Website review
  • on-siteSEO audit
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  • Website review
  • on-site SEO audit
  • external link audit
  • external link analysis
  • 20 min Skype call
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